Supplying All Your Bark Needs!

Bark Types


There are several different types of bark that are available and although they may seem similar, they are designed for different purposes. Below is a brief overview of the varieties you can find:

Play Area Bark

It is essential that you use our play area bark in playgrounds and play areas. It has been tested to BS EN 1177:2008, which means it works as an impact absorbing surface for playgrounds. It has also been tested to BS 4790, meaning that it is also fire resistant. Therefore, you can be sure that you are buying one of the safest surfaces available for your children to play on. As an added bonus it is also renewable.

Garden Bark Mulch

Our landscaping bark is ideally suited to a wide range of gardening projects. Putting it in your flower beds will help to keep the plants warm in the winter and will mean you soil will be able to retain more water in the hot summer months. It is also a quick way of making your garden more attractive and will help keep pesky weeds at bay!

Pathway Bark

Our landscaping bark can also be used for creating eye-catching pathways throughout your garden. It works as an alternative to gravel and is a natural alternative to tarmac and paving. It is also much softer under foot. It is also sourced from sustainable sources, making it an important option to consider.