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Using Play Area Bark


Creating a play area is relatively straightforward, however there are some key points you need to think about before going ahead. In particular, if you are planning on using bark as an impact absorbing surface then it is vital you get certified play area bark and are not tempted to use bark intended for decoration or mulching.

Whilst is may be tempting to assume that play area bark and bark mulch are the same, this is not the case. Play area bark is stripped from trees as a by product in saw mills. It is predominantly made from pine as this is some of the softest bark available. Play area bark is then tumbled in order to remove jagged edges that could cause splinters.

Play area bark also has to be tested to determine its critical fall height and comes with a certificate to prove this, you can find the certificate for the play area bark we sell here. The critical fall height means the height from which a child can fall, and land on the bark, without sustaining a life threatening head injury. This is tested to the BS EN 1177:2008 standard for playground surfacing.

However, it is also important to remember that, with all the playing going on, some of the bark is bound to end up flying out of the play area. It is worth keeping some bark to one side to top up the play area from time to time, particularly around the bottom of slides and underneath swings.